Project Management Software for Marketing Agencies

Keep your team, your client, and your sanity in sync.

Keep your projects moving on time and your clients in the loop

The unique Client Dashboard sets Allisian apart from traditional project management used by marketing agencies. The easy-to-navigate application facilitates client communication, internal teamwork, and automation of tasks for a streamlined project development.

Bird's Eye View

Use the overview feature of the app for a high-level perspective of the project milestones, client feedback, and team progress all in one place

Eye on the Prize

Stay on track with measurable project targets and manage any dependencies. Communicate effectively with your team and client through a Gantt Chart view of your project

Reminders keep you on track

Automatic reminders make it easy for you to keep your team updated on progress achieved in different areas. With organized projects, you can easily keep your workers up to date, and communicate trackable results to your clients.


Share and Understand

Open up lines of communication by common understanding in the team.

Encourage Ownership

Allow team members to take accountability for their assigned tasks by giving them ownership and allowing them to manage and communicate their status.

Communicate Effectively

Use task comments, meeting notes, and status updates to share open communication on all aspects of the project.

Readily Available

Clients can observe project status any time they wish, add notes to tasks in progress, and submit questions, comments, and concerns in real time.

Open up the Information Pipeline

Make all information, clients communication, and proposed changes easily accessible and shareable between all team members, the project manager, and the clients.
  • Build understanding of goals through multiple task and visual perspectives.
  • A client requesting a change or late on feedback? Share proposed project changes side by side for effortless comparisons.
  • Communicate dependencies between tasks so that everyone understands the effect of critical deadlines and their own role in realizing them.
  • Set alerts for critical points in the project - catch things before they become a problem, or have reminders to "spot check" the project at different stages.
  • Clients can check status on their own – seeing progress with "real-time" transparency gives them an added level of assurance and trust.

Project management and delegation has never been easier. With the ability to automate reminders, task assignments, and communication, Allisian provides the very best in project management organization for marketing agencies

  • Multiple Teams

    Delegate each aspect to an individual or team. Use the application's tools to foster ownership and accountability for the completion of each individual task.
  • Assign Tasks

    Put an assignment on the tasks you create to anyone, or everyone.
  • Manage Dependencies

    Create dependencies between tasks and teams that affect the project timeline. Share these with those responsible to demonstrate how each task affects others.
  • Task Alerts

    Set custom reminders for tasks as they approach the due date.
  • Customizable Timezones

    Set individual or team time zones for projects that span across multiple work sites.
  • Task Management

    Open deadlines and task responsibilities allow everyone involved to see what needs to be completed, and the due date for each completed step.
  • Kanban Board View

    View Easy to read lists of tasks in the backlog, open tasks, and those in-progress and complete. Workable snapshot of each tasks' progression.
  • Gantt View

    Allows a roadmap view of the project, as well as separate ones for each large aspect of a multi-layered project. Share your project vision with your clients and teams.
  • Admin controlled tasks

    Assign a team leader with admin privileges. Only the team leader or leaders can create tasks, preventing clutter or duplication.
  • Client Log-in

    Clients have their own login with limited views and functionality. This gives flexible access to the clients for real-time overviews and updates, as well as communication tools.

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